Adding A Receipt from Equals Card Expenditure

To create a new Purchase Order, log into the accounts system at please navigate to Banking>Receipts>Upload from Computer

Once you have uploaded the receipt, set the bank account to 'Equals Accounts' and assign the account/category based on the list of charted accounts

The following key account codes are useful when adding expenses, however, a full list can be found on QuickBooks

12002 Explorers- Membership Fees Due
12003 Explorers- Programme Expenditure
12004 Explorers- Equipment Purchasing
2001 Adventures & Progreamme Team Engagement
2002 District Wide Events - Expenditure
2004 Squirrels Events - Expenditure
2006 Beavers Events - Expenditure
2008 Cubs Events - Expenditure
2010 Scouts Events - Expenditure
2012 Explorers Events - Expenditure
2014 Water Activities - Expenditure
2016 Gradbach Farm - Expenditure
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