Adding A Purchase Order

A purchase order is a bill to be paid directly from the District to the Supplier.

To create a new Purchase Order, log into the accounts system at please navigate to Expenditures>Bills>New>Create New Bill

Fill in all details as sent on the invoice, and attach the invoice.

When you have added the purchase order, please email to let them know you have added this

The following key account codes are useful when adding expenses, however, a full list can be found on QuickBooks

12002 Explorers- Membership Fees Due
12003 Explorers- Programme Expenditure
12004 Explorers- Equipment Purchasing
2001 Adventures & Progreamme Team Engagement
2002 District Wide Events - Expenditure
2004 Squirrels Events - Expenditure
2006 Beavers Events - Expenditure
2008 Cubs Events - Expenditure
2010 Scouts Events - Expenditure
2012 Explorers Events - Expenditure
2014 Water Activities - Expenditure
2016 Gradbach Farm - Expenditure
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