Waiting List & Joining Policy


The ultimate aim is to maximise the number of people in Scouting and to be as large as possible, and use the data that is already in the district, through expressions of interest to access additional provision and funding to support growth, and growth in areas where scouting sees most long term societal impact, which is areas of deprivation. 

This will help us to help you manage the offering of places better to ensure you have full sections, and all the financial benefits that brings with it. We really appreciate you using the District Waiting List to fill your sections, hopefully these changes will make the lists easier to consume and manage.  

Data we’ll collect 

Member Info Forenames
Date of Birth
Primary Contact Details Forenames
Email Address
Mobile Number
Full Address
Additional Useful Information Preferred Night
Preferred Group
Joining with a Friend?
Sponsored Group Eligibility
Existing Scout?

Adult Volunteer: Leadership
Adult Volunteer: Executive Member
Adult Volunteer: Occasional Helper
Agreement Data & Privacy Policy

Data Available to Group Scout Leaders 

This data will be accessible at www.elstreescouts.org.uk/volunteers/growth/waiting-list/data  As this data is drawn from personal records, the Group Scout Leader will be required to login to access this page. 


Total number waiting for: 

  • All 
  • WannaSquirrels 
  • Squirrels 
  • Beavers 
  • Cubs   
  • Scouts 
  • Explorers 

Total number of willing volunteers: 

  • Leadership 
  • Executive 
  • Occasional Helper 


Description  Sample 
Ungrouped – This is what your cohort will look like before any levels of grouping are applied. The black Scout logo circles are Groups/Units drawn from the Store Locator Plugin   
Council Ward Map – Using online data sources this selection maps your selected cohort against Council Wards, which can be useful for local small grant awards.