Spending Card Policy

1. What you need to do to keep the Card safe

(a) You and any User (as appropriate and where relevant) must:

(i) sign the Card when it’s received;

(ii) memorise the PIN;

(iii) keep passwords and PINs safe and take all reasonable precautions to prevent them becoming known to an unauthorised person and prevent their unauthorised use;

(iv) not disclose Card Details, Account Details to any person except for the purpose of a Transaction. 

(v) be aware that if you should not give your password and log in details to a third party or third party provider, you are responsible for what they do with your details or account information;

(vi) only use the Card for business, organisations purposes;

(vii) always abide by the internal policy or other guidance of the organisation 

(viii) keep the Card secure at all times not share with a third party;

(x) make sure Card details are put into and only used through merchant booking tools which offer appropriate security in accordance with payment card industry – data security standards and appropriate protection for data in accordance with the general data protection regulation.

(b) You (as appropriate and where relevant) must:

(i) Obtain receipts for all expenditure and provide when required to the organisation

(ii) return the Card to the organisation when requested or if you should leave the organisation

(iii) ensure that at all times you protect the organisation from fraud or fraudulent activity

(c) You and any User (as appropriate and where relevant) must not:

(i) use the Card for illegal purposes or purposes which are not in furtherance of the organisations objectives or use in a way which may put the organisation into disrepute

(ii) use the Card Account before the Cardholder is authorised

(iii) use the Card to make cash withdrawals

(iv) create any subscription agreements or recurring payments using the Card 

(v) use the Card for any inappropriate purposes outside the organisations normal activities

2. What you need to do if you think an unauthorised person knows your security details or you’ve lost an Instrument

(a) Please tell us, the organisation, without delay 

(i) if the Card is lost, stolen or misused or if a PIN, password, details become known to any unauthorised person;

(ii) you suspect that an unauthorised, late or incorrect Transaction has been made on the Card.

3. Limiting the use of a Card 

(a) We may suspend, restrict or stop access to a Card or terminate your use of the Card if:

(i) we reasonably believe that a Card hasn’t been kept safe;

(ii) we reasonably suspect that your Card has been used fraudulently or without your permission;

(iii) as a result of a change in the way you operate a Card or in your financial circumstances, we reasonably believe that you may have difficulty in meeting your commitments under the Agreement;

(iv) the merchant involved falls within a category that we have determined poses a high risk of not providing the goods or services you are expecting, or we determine that the transaction falls within a category that poses a high risk of financial loss to the organisation; or

(v) you breach any terms of our internal policy.

(b)  We’ll tell you before we take any of these steps and we’ll explain why we’ve done so, unless we’re unable to contact you or there’s a legal reason or other circumstance beyond our control that stops us from doing so.

If we can’t get hold of you beforehand, we’ll (where possible) tell you and explain our reasons afterwards.

(c) You may be asked to pay back any funds that are deemed inappropriate or outside of the scope of our charitable objectives. If you do not pay back any amount requested, the amount may be passed onto a third party for collection.

(d) Inappropriate use or usage which is outside of the scope of our charitable objectives may be reported in line with the Charities Act 2011

4. If we suspect or become aware that your account may be subject to fraud or security threats

If we suspect or become aware that your account may be subject to fraud or security threats we will contact you via the most recent contact details we hold on record for you. This may include your mobile phone number, landline number, postal address or email address.

We will never:

  • Phone you to ask for your four-digit card PIN, even by tapping them into the telephone keypad.
  • Ask you to withdraw money to hand over to us for safe-keeping.
  • Send someone to your premises to collect your cash, PIN or payment card if you are a victim of fraud.
  • Ask you to purchase goods using your card and then hand them over for safe-keeping.
  • Statements

    5. Monthly Statements will be issued to you. You or any User must let us know without undue delay 

    if an unauthorised, late or incorrect Transaction is shown on a Statement.

    6. Statements will be provided or made available to you (as agreed) monthly, including details of payments and all amounts charged to an Account since the previous Statement. 

    We won’t issue a statement if there is a nil balance and there have been no entries since the last statement.

    6.1 A Statement will show:

    (a) information relating to each Transaction which will enable it to be identified (including where appropriate, information relating to the payee);

    (b) the amount of the Transaction shown in the currency in which the Transaction was paid or debited to the Card;

    (c) the date the Transaction is authorised and posted onto the Account.

    6.2 Upon receipt of a statement you need to provide by return the receipts/invoices, proof of purchase to enable us to reconcile and retain the appropriate accounting records for the organisation. These may be, preferably, be provided electronically or, if necessary, by post

    Your Information

    7.  We collect and process various categories of personal and financial information throughout your relationship with us, to allow us to provide the Card. This includes basic personal information such as your name and contact details, and information about your financial circumstances, your accounts and transactions.

    7.1 For more information about how we use your personal information, the types of information we collect and process and the purposes for which we process personal information, please read our full privacy notice (our “Privacy Notice”) on our website

    7.2 Some of your information may be passed onto our partner, EQUALS MONEY for processing of your spend card. This information includes:

    • Full Name
    • ElstreeScouts Email
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender
    • Department
    • Personal Mobile Number
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